When caring for our lawns we sometimes neglect to think about what lies beneath the green surface. Certain pests, such as Chafer Grubs and Leatherjackets, will do extensive harm to your lawn by devouring the grass roots, therefore it’s critical that the pest be recognised and the necessary course of professional-grade treatment is performed.

The most common lawn pests are:


Ants can pose a number of issues in your outdoor space, the most noticeable of which are the piles of earth produced by the colonies. These can elevate places on the lawn, which are subsequently chopped during mowing, meaning that the majority of the grass plant is eliminated, leaving bare regions for weeds or moss to take over.

There are two main types of ants with the red ones being more destructive. Both biocide and pesticide products are used to kill ants.

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The larval stage of the Crane fly is known as a leatherjacket (sometimes referred to as a daddy-long-legs). The adult Crane Fly can be encountered in the autumn when it is depositing eggs in the soil. Once the larvae begin to eat the grass roots, the lawn will develop yellowish/brown patches and dies.

An appropriate Insecticide treatment is used for leather jacket control.

Chafer grubs

The larval stage of the chafer beetle is known as a grub. They are Chafer Grubs before becoming Chafer Beetles. Adult chafer grubs are 14mm long reddish-brown beetle. The grub stage, however, is a lawn issue. Adults emerge from the soil in May-June and mate in the nights until the end of July, then return to the soil each night. Chafer grub larvae move toward the surface and begin to feed on the roots of the grass.

The first signs are areas of grass starting to look yellow/brown which are often mistaken for other problems such as fungal diseases. Premier Lawn and Weed Expert can use an appropriate insecticide treatment to control Chafer Grubs.

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Moles aren’t very frequent in lawns. However, on the rare occasions that they do manifest, the damage they cause is obvious. Moles do not harm plants or grass, but the molehills they create can be exceedingly unattractive, especially when cutting your lawn.

Premier Lawn and Weed Expert aims to initially remove the mole’s food supply which encourages them to move to more productive food areas as opposed to the use of traps or poison.

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