Weed Removal and Weed Control

Weeds can grow in even the most well-kept lawns, and aside from being unattractive, are often far hardier than grass. During droughts, they can survive for much longer, but they must continually battle for space and resources. Herbicides are used to manage weeds because they are absorbed into the weeds largely through their leaves and then adsorbed to the roots. Weed management is most effective while the weeds are actively growing.

We eradicate weeds with safe and very effective professional-grade, broad-spectrum systemic herbicides that are not harmful to humans or your pets.

Common Weeds We Can Remove and Control

Here are the common types of UK weeds (not exhaustive) that can destroy not only your lawn and garden but also your property’s curbside appeal – We can help!

We will be able to control a large portion of the weeds that are present in your lawn at the time of application with each weed treatment. Some weeds are tougher than others, and they may take further treatments to be eradicated. Some applications necessitate a whole new type of application.

Premier Lawn and Weed Expert can help!

Our Weed Expert will identify which weeds are present at each Seasonal Treatment and apply the proper professional-grade application to control them. This liquid treatment is sprayed all over your lawn and surfaces. It will only control weeds on your lawn and will not affect plants.

To guarantee that your grass thrives and weeds are forced out, our local lawn professionals will recommend the most appropriate application as well as a suitable fertiliser.

Seasonal Lawn Care Treatments for Weed-free Lawn

We can offer you a scheduled Lawn Care Maintenance Service which we will guarantee your lawn remains disease and weed-free all year round. You’ll find that our lawn care professionals will be on hand to make sure that all your lawn weeds are fully eliminated, leaving behind a pristine garden with beautiful grass.

The most common lawn diseases are:

Red Thread Disease

The fungus Laetisaria Fuciformis causes red thread, a fungal lawn disease. The disease’s effects can be evident all year, but especially in the spring/summer months and/or during periods of excessive humidity. The disease is most noticeable after periods of rain, especially near the end of summer when humidity levels are high.

If your lawn has been seriously affected by the disease, your local lawn treatment expert can apply an efficient treatment of specialised fungicide formula to help manage and even eradicate fungal grass diseases while also avoiding reinfection.

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Lawn Fungus and Mould

Microdochium Nivale is a fungus that causes the disease known as Fusarium, a common grass disease. It’s most common in finer turf environments like bowling greens, although it can also be found on lawns, especially after lengthy snow cover. Snow Mould may be the name given to it in such cases. Therefore, a contact fungicide is used to control the growth of this disease. If Fusarium is active during the spring and/or summer, a systemic fungicide is applied to help control the growth of this disease. These products are not available in garden centres and stores.

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Dry Patch

While the causes are numerous, fungus on the grass — or more precisely, the water-repellent compounds that the fungus releases in the soil — is regarded to be one of the most common.

Keeping lawn thatch under control is one method for preventing dry patch. If there is too much lawn thatch, the fungus will break down the dead material and deposit water-resistant compounds. Lawn Scarifying, Aeration, specialist hydrophobic soil treatment and targeted seasonal treatments will all help eliminate dry patch.

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Brown / Yellow Patches

Your grass may turn yellow or brown owing to a variety of factors, including illness, dormancy, animal urine or simply nutrient deficiency. If not kept in check, this disease will cause yellow or light brown patches to scatter across your formerly green lawn.

We help you can diagnose the source of brown lawn patches or weak, sparse grass, and we will recommend a suitable treatment programme to cure the problem.

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Professional Weed Removal Service

We will arrange for a site visit to your home to inspect your lawn and recommend the best course of action. Contact us today to arrange your FREE weed identification and removal survey.